He forgets to text goodnight?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out three months now. In the beginning, he would always call or just text goodnight. I don't really care if he calls me, all I want is just a simple "goodnight" when he is done texting.. But the last three nights he has made excuses. Like "my phone died" but he was active on Facebook hours after I texted him. I just let it go and said i would like a simple goodnight to end the conversation. But last night he didn't say goodnight again, and this morning he says "good morning babe." He is 20 and I'm 17, so he usually drinks with his friends during he time "he forgets." Am I being petty? Or is its happened three times now after I said I didn't like it.. Let me know thanks guys :)

He forgets to text goodnight?
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