I get kind of upset whenever my boyfriend hangs out with his friends. How do I stop?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 months and we do kind of see each other every other day and he usually tells me to sleep over at his house every other night. I guess I just got so attached to him that whenever he hangs out with his friends I get some way like upset, or mad, or sad I don't know. But I want to stop this. His friends are the types who get drunk and party all the time. And whenever he hangs out with his friends they always hang out until like 2-3am. Sometimes when he's with his friends I get a little mad and stop texting him completely.

I know this isn't good. But how do I stop myself from always feeling like this? I really don't have any friends that are willing to hang out with me until 2am lol. I only have my best friends that live close, but they are guys and I don't think my boyfriend would like it if I hung out with them until 2 am..

What should I do? I want to stop feeling like this? Please help... :(
Thank you so much


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  • He is allowed to have a life outside your relationship. You are still his special girl but you are not joined at the hip. Getting clingy or insecure will drive him away.

    • You're right! :) I don't want to drive him away by me being too needy. Thanks so much!

    • You're welcome, I hope you can find a way to deal with this. I miss my girlfriend when she goes to spend time with her friends but it's important to maintain a life outside your relationship.

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  • It is nice spending time with one's significant other but noone can meet all the relational needs of another person. We all need to spend quality time with our other friends and family. All this you probably know. Try focusing on how good it is that your boyfriend has friends and that he gets opportunities to enjoy those friendships. Its good to want the best for those you love.
    Use the time when he's out partying to do something you enjoy. Don't just wait around for him but use the time to do something you like. If there's a hobby you have that he doesn't really like to join in much then nows the perfect time!

    It might still be hard but hopefully a little easier to deal with unwanted feelings!

    All the best

    • You are right! I need to do something with my life and join any clubs or get into new hobbies. I feel like I always wait around for him. Thanks so much for your opinion! :)

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  • I'd like it if you hung with me. Why wouldn't he like it? Ask him and talk to him about how you feel

  • No offense but you gotta grow up, he has his own friends that he wants to spend time with, you as a girlfriend should understand that and support that. You say you see him almost every day so I think a couple nights with his friends won't be any harm. Try not to be clingy, he won't like it. Im not trying to sound mean or anything just tryna help you.

    • No worries! This is exactly what I need to hear! :) I'm slowly trying to not be clingy anymore. Thanks so much for your response!

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  • You need to take a step back. He won't want to be with you if he doesn't get time with his friends. Just remember he is coming home to you.
    Also question why you don't want him going out. Are you worried he will cheat? If that is the reason you need to relax. Nothing pushes men into other women's arms faster than a jealous nagging woman.
    Let him have his fun... sounds like he spends more than a fair amount of time with you.

    • I guess I just got so attached and used to seeing him everyday that I get a little jealous when he's with his friends. But I don't want to drive him away. Thanks so much for your response! I'll try and be more easy going with this

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