Why do I get upset when my boyfriend wants to hang out with his friends and not me all the time?

I don't know if its because I want to spend my everyday with him or is it because I'm jealous because he's not with me.


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  • We girls tend to be a bit more clingy than guys. It's not bad that you feel this way, but it's a good idea to see it as a learning experience. For guys, bonding with other guys is very important. It doesn't mean he loves or cares about you any less. It's also good for you to have time away from each other. You need your "me" time too, and you need to spend time with your own friends. Believe me, a guy will like you even more when you give him space to breathe. It actually makes him miss you (and wonder what you're doing out there without him) and your time together will be even more special.

    So next time he wants to hang out with his friends, go out with the girls and enjoy yourself!


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  • It sounds like insecurity in my opinion. It's important that both of you have your own lives and then a life together. He's a guy,he has friends...he wants to have guy time. You're a woman and you should get some girlfriends and have girl time. Or involve yourself in something interesting like dance classes,working out etc. :)

  • you need friends of your own to hang out with