Why does my boyfriend get mad when I can't hang out?

My boyfriend always gets mad at me when I say I can't hang out, even when it's for legitimate reasons. I've tAlked to him about it and he says it's because he gets his hopes up to see me, but we see each other every day at school and we hang out alot... What should I do? Most of the time I usually have other things to do or reasonable explanations why and only sometimes I just don't feel like it. So what's the problem? Any insight would be good.



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  • This is a guys way of showing you he is needy of you, and if it was on the other foot, ie you being needy, he wouldn't put up with it, so you should let him know that you don't like it and it has to stop because he will become obsessive later on down the line and you won't be allowed to even go out with friends unless he is with you, so be careful of this possesiveness, especially if he tuns nasty when you say no, good luck,x


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