Why do all girls believe that they can get the most attractive guys?

It seems to me like all girls think they can get really attractive guys. I see unattractive and fat girls lust after built and muscular guys all the time, and while fat guys do likewise with hot girls, no fat guy believes he's ever going to actually be able to get the hot girl of his dreams. Many unattractive girls do seem to believe this, though. That's why so many girls are single. It's not that they can't get a guy, they just can't get the ultra hot guys they really want, so they abstain altogether.


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  • Well I think women lust over attractive men just as much as men do over beautiful women. I don’t think it’s a gender issue, but more of a personality/attitude/confidence issue. As a girl who is average looking, I can say that I am attracted to beautiful people, but I never make illusions or assume that the persons I am attracted to will actually notice me and give me a chance. I know better than that. Now I can’t say that every woman is like me (without an ounce of confidence) but I can say that I have seen lesser attractive women and men with impossibly high standards.


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  • Wait, you aren't serious right?

    I am really hoping that you don't think thats why girls are single. The majority of the girls I know who are single, me included, simply have no interest in being in a relationship right now. I have so many things that I need to be focused on that I am not trying to be tied down, not that you can't accomplish things in a relationship it just really seems to be harder. That doesn't mean I don't sometimes crave attention from the opposite sex, and in that case if its just a hook up then yes I want them hot. Why? Because its just fun so I might as well enjoy what I am looking at. Anyways, girls are not single because they refuse to settle.

    I also have a lot of friends in relationships or who want to be in relationships and I can tell you the majority of their boyfriends aren't 10s. Also girls that want to be in a relationship usual will date whoever comes their way. Sad but true. Guys do it to.

    Lastly, what is so wrong with a girl having confidence? Why are you trying to push that down and tell girls that they shouldn't feel good about themselves. Most of those girls don't feel good about themselves and so they project confidence in the hopes to gain it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    All in all your post is simply you trying to bash girls who you deem unattractive and telling them that they aren't good enough for a hot guy, when in fact that hot guy might not be good enough for them. Its not all about looks and it is shallow to assume that all people feel the same way as you.

    • Why is it okay for the world to trash guys who aren't anyone's ideal, yet it's a crime against humanity to even suggest that girls have realistic expectations in dating.

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    • Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that you knew me.

      You can not make the judgement that every girl would mock that guy, I can tell you for a fact that none of my friends would. True I don't know what they say when they are not around me but I have never heard any girl say anything about that. Normally I hear girls complain about the personality of the guy. You are basing your whole argument on the idea that girls remain single because they are holding out for a hot guy. That would mean all girls want to be in a relationship which is simply not true.

      Also I don't see why anyone would have the authority to tell anyone else that they are not good enough. That should be your point. That we should stop telling other people that they are not good enough for each other. I will back you 100% with that, the claim you are making now though comes off as ignorant.

    • You may think I'm ignorant, but I think that same of you, being that you seem to be advocating the propagation of unrealistic expectations. I think too many people are unrealistic about what they can expect in dating. Yes, some guys are like this, too, but as I've said, no one soft-soaps us when we are unrealistic. People in general aren't nearly as likely to coddle a guy and tell him that he's a special soul who deserves a perfect companion. Not so for girls.

      Ultimately, people can and will do as they choose. I just see the list of girls' expectations for guys becoming increasingly unrealistic, something that's hard to ignore as a guy on the dating market.

  • "while fat guys do likewise with hot girls, no fat guy believes he's ever going to actually be able to get the hot girl of his dreams."

    You sure about that? You must not have been on GAG for too long.

    • No, most guys don't harbor such delusions. If they ever do, they get beaten out of the mercilessly by their friends and reality in general.

  • I don't think that's entirely true. Why do you think that? Your post implies that most women are very confident and have very high self esteem which is rarely the case... Sorry can't agree with you.

    • I do think most girls think pretty highly of themselves. I meet a lot more guys with low self-esteem than girls.

  • No, I actually think your statement is more true for guys than it is for girls.

    Girls or women, generally, are far more critical and harsh about their own physical attractiveness than men are (many even underrate themselves.) Therefore, talking in general terms here, women tend to be much more realistic about which men they can obtain, and tend to act accordingly. I don't think that's the same for a lot of guys; a lot of them tend to believe that if they project the right false confidence, or if they are a 'nice guy', they are therefore entitled to the 'hottest girl in the room.'

    Of course, these stereotypes don't apply to everyone, but it's just something I've noticed.

    • I disagree with your postulate that women are more realistic about their relative attractiveness. Studies have shown that women consistently rate about 80% of guys as beneath their dating standards. This, by definition, shows that women believe themselves to be "better" than their male counterparts.

      by the way, I don't know any guy who feels "entitled" to any girl. Guys know implicitly that we have to pull a rabbit out of a hat just to get a girl to talk to us, and that's the opposite of entitlement. No, our attitudes are more of an against-all-odds sense of fatalism when it comes to dating.

    • 'Studies have shown'.. and how reliable are these 'studies' exactly? Anyone can hold a 'study' to more or less prove something, but it does not necessarily mean anything. Also, I'd like to know what kind of place you're from then, because what I've witnessed on countless occasions is groups of men with beer bellies and bad breath, talking about women as if they're objects, and belittling the ones who aren't '10s' or '9s' behind their backs. These men even have the audacity to use a number scale to describe women. Rarely do I see handsome guy-ugly girl couples, but I quite often see it the other way round.

    • The studies were very prominent and widely cited. OKCupid did a metaanalysis of their data and presented these conclusions about dating. So, no, it's not just some yahoo trying to grind his axe, it was a dating website analyzing the trends in their data to better understand their clientele.

      The problem with your hypothesis that there are many more ugly guy/hot girl couples than ugly girl/hot guy couples is that women tend to rate the attractiveness of other women much differently than men. Who you may think is attractive is *not* who guys think is attractive. I've had female friends positively gush over another girl who I hadn't met, remarking how guys were intimidated by her beauty, which was the reason for her singleness. When I finally met this beauty, though, she turned out to be a relatively plain looking girl who wouldn't rate a second look from a top guy. Yet this girl wasn't single because she had no prospects, she was single because she didn't want the guys she could get.

  • I don't think I can get a really attractive guy, despite being fairly attractive myself. I actually don't want a really attractive guy either. I prefer someone more down to earth and real... Not saying that all attractive guys are shallow, but a guy investing that much effort into looks gives an indication of where his priorities lie... It's not too masculine in my opinion.

  • Why shouldn't they hope to get with someone they find attractive?

    Because you said so?

    "no fat guy believes he's ever going to actually be able to get the hot girl of his dreams"

    Yes, that's why we see so many fedora wielders in relationships. Oh wait.

    Just because someone doesn't meet the conventional standards of beauty, doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have standards.

    • "Yes, that's why we see so many fedora wielders in relationships. Oh wait."

      Ok, not quite sure what that means, but ok. You seem to be insinuating that fat and unattractive guys stay out of relationships by choice. LOL no, they're really not single by choice at all.

      "Just because someone doesn't meet the conventional standards of beauty, doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have standards."

      One can cling to unrealistic standards if you so choose, but they're really not helpful to anyone at the end of the day. Guys usually get mocked and ridiculed out of their unrealistic standards, but girls are treated much differently. Most girls are reassured by parents and friends that they're beautiful and that they deserve nothing but the best guys, even if attaining a relationship with one of these guys is highly unlikely to ever happen. It's a type of emotional coddling that can actually be very detrimental, given that unrealistic expectations tend to breed unhappiness in all facets of life.

  • I don't think I believe this theory but let's pretend for a minute that it's true. Isn't it a person's right to set whatever standards for themselves they want? Even if they are unattainable?

    • Sure, but that doesn't mean they aren't delusional. My standard could be a Brazilian supermodel, but you and everyone else would sneer and say "good luck with that" if I actually had the temerity to voice that publicly.

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    • Sure, it's fine to be alone, but it would be tragic for us as a society to advocate that everyone remain single throughout their lives. It's natural for humans to want to mate and form pairs, and that's just simple biology.

    • I don't think society is advocating differently than that.

  • Wait, that's not true.
    Actually girls, even pretty girls often settle with guys less attractive than them and don't think they deserve any better than that.

    And tbh, I'm noticing more attractive and fit guys going for the pretty fat and chubby girls too. I'm sure that makes you mad.

    • Why would that make me mad?

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    • Thank you! This gorgeous guy told me that he was not into me because I was too skinny for his taste and yet I am of average size

    • Lol then why do you care about women wanting attractive guys?