What are some cues/signs a girl wants you to kiss her?

when your out on a date and your having fun do girls give you a sign that they want to be kissed?

how about in general like when your talking and have had a crush on a girl


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  • Look for the following

    - Sparkle in her eyes

    - She feels comfortable / secure around you + you know she likes you

    - Squeeze her hand, if she squeezes back- she is ready to kiss you at any time

    - Off your arm to court her, if she accepts and rests her head on you shoulder- voila.

    - At the movies- if she looks up at you, she wants a kiss

    - If you hug her and she lifts her head to look at you, she wants a kiss


    Just keep your eyes open for any "good opportunity". Don't worry about signs- if you want to kiss her... Kiss her. Women commonly become frustrated that men do not make the move soon enough- which makes them move on. Don't believe me? Read these stats:


    Best regards,


    • Damn artistBboy your good with advice!!!

    • Thanks man- I appreciate that ^_^. Is there anything else I could clear up? It seems you have a specific girl in mind- otherwise you wouldn't be asking this question. Possibly in the flirting stage, if I can guess correctly- but your unsure of where things are going?

      - Just trust your gut and kiss her already ^_^ Make sure the timing is right and that it wouldn't be awkward- but don't make her wait forever.

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  • hmmm what do I do when I want to be kissed? :)))

    well it often depends ont he situation and the type of girl.

    like if a guy I liked hugged me, I would let it linger and then look up into his eyes for about 3 seconds, then batt my eyelashes :P, then I would subtly look down at his lips then smile.

    if you werewith a group of friends, iwould probably flirt a lot and then keep looking over. sometimes girls are retared and they want you to catch them gawking at you. then when they do catch me id smile. and go over to you and talk. sowly id slip my hand into yours and look up and well you know kiss haha

    • I like I need to flirt more

  • I'll usually try to keep eye contact for a few seconds, maybe smile while I'm doing it, and generally keep my lips a bit parted -- or at least that's what I've noticed I do.

    • Thens when your really close the guy right?

  • A good sign is when she looks at you seductivly and says "Oh God just kiss me" and grabs your shirt and starts making out with you like there's no tomorrow. :-D I love answering ur questions because their just so fun to mess with ;-)

  • When I wanna be kissed, I look at him and smile holding my gaze slightly longer than normal (haha but not in a creeper way). As I look at him, I lick my lips. He usually gets the picture :-)

    • Haha yeah a creeper never gets kissed

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  • I remember my first couple of kisses experiences, the girls all kind of suggested being alone.

    First kiss ever was one of my friends, a bunch of us were all hanging out and we had a fun night and then she whispered in my ear to walk her home. We were barely out of the driveway and she took my hand, it was so sweaty, she smiled and we stared into each others eyes, I slowly pulled her closer and heart racing we kissed and kissed some more... and with tongue. Good times.

  • if your ever wondering if you should kiss a girl, always give her the benefit of the doubt. she's more willing to forgive you for being a man then for being a wimp.

  • In my experience a girl will look at you for a small second longer than normal and maybe get a little bit closer to you.

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