Why do girls hate on guys looking for casual hook-ups and then insist that they like sex as much as any guy?

there seems to be this really weird feminist dating misconception that women are just as promiscuous and enjoy sex just as much as men do?

realistically they are either considerably more selective about their sexual partners to the point of either demisexuality (sexual attraction only when there has been a long term emotional bond established) OR hypergamy (sexual attraction only to the most high status minority of the male population).

in the case of demisexual, the enjoyment is not so much the pleasures and sensitivity / sensuous nature as much as it is the forging of an emotional bond. in my experience there has to be this really hyper - almost euphoric - energy before a basis for sexual attraction can even BEGIN to develop here. it's like some sort of volume knob where you have to navigate a maze at every little turn.

for the hypergamous women, it's not even sex she enjoys. at best it's the company of and validation from a high status, physically attractive and confident male. at worst, it's his money she's after and she could care less if it was hugh heffner she was banging.

asexual women don't even care about sex fullstop. it is all about rapport and long-term relationships.

the demisexual is the only kind of woman I can conceive of that even begins to have some kind of sexual energy or vibe and the process towards that attraction is long and tedious. it is totally different to and nothing like the libido a typical man has.

surely, if women enjoyed sex as much as, and as frequently as, most men do, they would not create so many barriers and say things like,

"there is only one thing on his mind"

"ugh, player... so repulsive"

"why does he have so many kinks? blowjobs are so degrading for me, i would never do that (even if when he is willing to return the favour and go down on me)"

"he just wants to USE me for sex... I am NOT an object"

nobody said you were an object, the assumption was that you are confident in your sexuality and enjoy sex as much as I do and therefore would not consider a casual encounter to be 'obejctifying'! it is only true that you are being 'used' for sex if you do not enjoy it as much and therefore do not wish to participate.

therefore, women cannot POSSIBLY enjoy sex as much as men do, being at best demisexual or hypergamous and at worst, totally asexual.
Why do girls hate on guys looking for casual hook-ups and then insist that they like sex as much as any guy?
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