Guys, what's the longest you wait for a second date?

Just wondering how long I should wait to write a guy off as not interested enough to ask for a second date. I went on a date last Thursday and since he's texted me right after the date as well as today to see how my weekend was. No mention of secomd date yet. How long should I give him? Do guys wait a few das to ask a girl they like out again?


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  • Hard to say. I don't actually have an extensive dating history, but I can't recall any times when I've kept a woman waiting around. In fact, I've always made it clear by the end of the first date whether or not I want to see her again. I personally wouldn't wait any longer than a week or two to ask a girl out again if I was interested. Men need to pursue women. Any longer and I'd explain why, like maybe I'm just really busy or something. I wouldn't just leave her hanging, you know? Sometimes men are just dumb though. You should ask him what he thought of the first date, and make it clear that you enjoyed it (because you did, right?). Just talk about it without specifically asking him if he's going to take you out on another one.

    But, like I said, I don't have a ton of dating experience. This is just my two cents.


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  • It depends really, if I were him I'd go for the coming weekend. Like Saturday evening?
    I got a lot of work and the weekdays are usually where the bulk of it is centered on.
    Most of the work is done by Saturday afternoon (including house cleaning, it's a friggin mess!).
    I'll go when I'm free without other things to keep my mind occupied other than the date of course.

  • Why don't you show some of that girrl power and suggest a second date, if you want one?


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