Do men walk weird when they have an erection?

i was making out with my boyfriend (first boyfriend by the way and so its all new to me) and i was grinding on him and we were getting into it but he knew that i wasn't ready to go further. anyways i knew he was hard cuz i could feel it ;) (i so get why women love knowing that their guy is hard. best feeling to know thtat its you making him feel that way) anyways, i was walking him to the door later that night and he seemed to be walking a bit stiff. was that cuz he was as hard as a rock? also, he said he needed to readjust while we were making out, why is that?


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  • Probably didn't want you to notice he had an erection. Next time you notice tell him it's alright... embrace the boner is the motto. Once he find your ok with it everything will be smooth.

    • thanks. how would you recommend i let him know im okay with it. i actually find it hot that im the one who did that to him

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    • so not such a bad idea?

    • Your fine.

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