Torn between my ex and new girl?

I met my ex earlier this year after being heart broken by my previous ex. She showed me a different light in life and made me really happy I fell in love with her. It was her first real relationship so she wasn't in love with me like I was pratcially she didn't know what love was. She broke up with me because she felt we were moving to fast but still had feelings for me. She didn't move on to anyone and I tried to get her back and it didn't work. I had rebound relationships and it didn't help. One month later she confessed to having feelings for me and wanted me back. I met another girl and chose her but she has been trying for 7 months still and we've been through a lot now she has stuck around all this time. I love her and always will but now there is a new girl. I like her a lot she gives me butterflies but im not ready for a relationship. My ex gets upset seeing me with her because we have still messed around and we still love eachother but I also have feelings for the new girl. Who should I choose for the long run? (Another thing is that yesterday I had a game and I asked the new girl to come she bailed on me but my ex showed up and supported me. It really shocked me but I still like the new girl a lot and dont want to break anyones heart.


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  • Leave the ex in the past. That's always the best thing to do


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