He seems to gravitate towards me?

Hey everyone!
Basically, there's this guy who I have a few courses with who seems to always end up near me. For example, I'll be standing on one side of the room and he'll be on the other; he'll change his position to be next to me. I'll be standing chatting with a friend close to the side of the walkway (away from the middle so people can pass by) he'll walk closely right past me in the small space by the wall, even when there's a ton of space available on the other side. If we're walking in opposite directions I'll spot him looking at me from far down, but when we pass he looks down. He also seems to always face me? (Hope that makes sense!) Basically he is always facing me without his back towards me. Sorry if this is long by the way! I just need a few opinions from others to maybe why he does this. Thanks!


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  • He wants to talk to you


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