Should I be wary of sexting my ex? Would you sext your ex if you still liked her?

In not sure how we started it, but we were joking about something involving sex and before I know it, he's going on about how to turn me on.

Then we exchanged a few pictures to each other and both seemed to be quite enjoying it. This kinda flirting is how we hit it off in the first place, so I wonder if it means he still has some kind of feelings for me.

He also assured me the only thing he's having sex with at the minute is his hand... so he's made it clear that he's not been sleeping around.

Would you ever sext an ex?
  • Only if I had feelings for the person
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  • Only if I found them hot
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  • Never ever ever
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  • Your suppose to be moving on not getting back together...

    • And what if we did get back together? It happens.

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    • I might wait a little bit longer and maybe more often take a step back and look at the options Cause from the look at it right now with your current phrasing its sounds like it will just flare out again,

    • Yeah you're absolutely right. At the moment, it's very touch and go. One minute we could get really angry at each other and the next we're flirting. Which I guess is a little progress at least since he's extremely closed off at the best of times.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't. I'm dating someone else, and besides we broke up for a reason and I have no interest in getting back together or even just having sex with him again, so there's no point.

    • But what if you perhaps both still hold feelings for each other? To note: we never had sex in the first place (religious reasons) and a lot of the reason we broke up was down to religious reasons on my part. But things that I'm willing to work on. We did do sexual things nonetheless

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  • Only if she and I still had feelings for each other, wanted to get back together, and we weren't seeing other people.


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