I didn't kiss him goodbye this morning?

I've been hanging out with this guy. And our first time at his house i slept over (we didn't have sex-- talked a lot, cuddled etc) and the morning after bfor i left he kissed me goodbye (: This time when i left he definetely was trying to kiss me goodbye again, but as he went in for the hug i kind of just hugged him back and didn't really give him access to my face for the kiss. (Bc i didn't realize until after what i had just done). And now i feel bad and i feel a gave off the wrong vibe, i just didn't want to unless he initiated the kiss goodbye bc i dont want him to think i already think im his girlfriend, stuff like that... And now im worried : What does he think of this? Is he even thinking about it? Does he think im not interested in more / in him now? Any other advice
I just want him to know I like him.


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  • I think human relationship politics are convoluted.


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  • I did the same stupid thing. But we were already past the stage of face kisses and had started kissing on the lips... and he was going home for the holidays... i just gave him a weird hug around his arms and now I don't know if I blew it or not.
    Stupid relationship drama...

    • Yes exactly! Same exact boat girl

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  • I think you should stop over thinking it.

  • Oh well! ? haha I am sure he will get over it!


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