Is it bad if he didn't kiss me goodbye?

been hanging out w this boy for like 3 months off and on, its casual- no sex just mostly kissing and some other stuff. he texted me to ask what I was doing this past weekend and said if I decided to go out to let him know. long story short we ended up at same party and he invited me back to his house to sleepover. we hooked up but nothing more cause I had my period for like the 100th time when I was hanging out with him. everything was good until next morning it was kinda awkward when he dropped me off and he didn't kiss me goodbye. He's kissed me goodbye every other time but this is the first time we ever did a sleepover. is this bad?


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  • When you say "hooked up" what do you mean? Cause normally that means sex, but then you say "nothing more cus I had my period".

    So that leads me to think you didn't have sex. Which if that is the case, then perhaps he's frustrated you guys still haven't had sex yet. Hence the no kiss goodbye.

    • Nope haven't had sex yet. we don't even talk about what we are and haven't even told each other we like each other which I don't think happens to easily these days. but he still txts me to see what I'm doing and to see how my nights been going. Plus I'm a virgin so I wanna have sex w him but I feel like once I tell him I am he's gonna be like freaked out and not want to anymore.. since he's so much more experienced.

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