Shy/clueless guy seems interested in me but won’t kiss me?

We met by having dinner.
I went through a bad time a week later and told him about it so he ended up coming to my house (it’s winter here and he gets off work at night) and since he had Uni the day after (which was closer to my home than his and it was midnight already) I asked him if he wanted to stayed over and he said yes. We cuddled all night, face to face, and by the time the alarm sounded he kept putting it off and hugged me even harder each time.

Next time he came to my home again, we wanted to go out but we arrived late to the movies so we just came back home and again, stayed over, he’s one of those heavy sleep guys so if I played with his hair or something he would try and do the same to me but his arm would just fall off because of sleeping which was really cute.

Next “date” we went to the movies, did that head in shoulder trick and also we hugged a lot that day.

And last Thursday I invited him to eat, he stayed over again, none of us had to ask, it’s like it’s already a thing. (Again as the past two times we cuddled all night face to face without changing positions more than he maybe facing me more so he could tangle his legs more with mine and hug me closer). His phone died in the middle of the night but the next day he stayed until 8pm, even with his phone dead, just watching videos or stuff with me. Still we didn’t kiss, each time we say goodbye though you can feel a bit of tension, last time we hugged and he looked at me and started mocking me because of my height (he mocks me a lot most of the time).

This weekend he didn’t go out except to my place, when he came back from work the other days we played video games online all night. Next Saturday we have a masquerade though so it’s going to be fun and pretty romantic in my opinion. After that we are going clubbing so maybe with all of the alcohol and fun it could help for both of our inhibitions to go down and maybe take the next step? Should I say something or just let things flow?
Shy/clueless guy seems interested in me but won’t kiss me?
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