What does it mean when a girl deletes her online dating profile?

So the other day I had a date with this girl I met off OkCupid who was cute and had a lot in common. The date went pretty well and she mentioned how I was the very first guy she's met off a dating site, period. She was the one to bring up that subject to, as in asking if I've met people before. She even asked me to come hang out with her again this week during the date and said to hit her up when we parted ways.

Oddly enough I texted her today and she still hasn't responded. I'm not jumping to any conclusions but that's just odd.

That being said, today I logged into okcupid and saw that she deleted her account. Does that mean she's not really playing the field and had a really good impression of me?


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  • Sound like she could have found someone worth giving a try for online dating. It just strange why she haven't responded back to your text. Seem like she interested in you so I would have thought she would respond in a good manner time.

    • Yeah that's one of the things that sucks about online dating. There have been times where I could have a great date with someone and then they just disappear all of a sudden. You also have to play the field too because you can't just assume you're the only person a girl is talking to.

    • Online dating is a different world. People can write what they want to persuade people to believe what they want them to believe. They can lie about being single so they can see if something is better for them. When things start taking place and someone is interested in them they pull away to avoid the drama. I seen a lot with POF and OkCupid. I think to find someone serious you really have to pay the money for good dating sites that doesn't allow people to play them type of games. Anything that is free sound like a joke and those free dating site will leave you feeling like it was real but turned out to be a joke.

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  • Online dating feels slimy to many people. Maybe the whole concept doesn't sit well with her and she moved on.