Are girls who go clubbing girlfriend material?

If read a lot of post where guys claim girls who go clubbing are not girlfriend material. I think that's a load of BS! I love to go clubbing, I like having a good time with my friends, that does not mean I get wasted AF or is all over every single guy, making out with a different guy every night. I don't even pay attention to anyone except the people I am with. I can then say that guys who play video games is not dating material? But I won't, because I won't judge whether someone is boyfriend material based on something he likes doing that I might not. (I LOVE Video games, is just an example). I'll base that on how he treats me and whether he respects me and I can have fun with him.

I would like to know why a girl is not girlfriend material is she likes going out to a club?

Are girls who go clubbing girlfriend material?
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