Whats the meaning when a girl says "I LIKE SEEING YOU"?

i like this girl and we have been dating she's gone back to her x to give it a trial and see if the spark is there. a month has gone by and they still argue a lot.. its hurting me not being there with her.
so i asked her the question do you like me a lot... i got back from her saying i like seeing you was her reply to this...
she says she's going from day to day with this guy and she says she waiting for him to stuff up so she can leave him..
i want to know if she wants me as a friends with benifits for now or does it mean she likes seeing me as just friends and nothing more.. if its just friends then i can't do this as i would like to be in a relationship and settle down..


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  • Exactly what she says and nothing more. She likes hanging out with you.


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  • if you want her iin the end, give it time so she can get over her relationship she is getting out of. be supporting friend thats what she needs more at this time. in time things should progress in to the relationship your looking for.