Why do I attract Scorpios men only?

I'm an aries with venus in pisces. for some reason all the guys i've been dating after my ex boyfriend turn out to be scorpios ( 4 of them), currently dating the 4th one now.

i find them attractive/sexy at first but very complicated and i get a bit sick of them but seems like i only attract scorpio men...

are there any other women out there who has experiences dating scorpio men? what are your experiences?
if you dont believe in astrology dont answer


Most Helpful Guy

  • We're also intense

    • intense how? how do you show your feelings or you just expect people to understand it? what would you like your partner to do in a relationship?

    • Oh come on. If you've read anything about us you've read how intense and passionate about many things we are. We want to know everything about you to your deepest darkest secrets at the center of your soul

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What Guys Said 2

  • If you believe that all people that are born in a certain timeframe have the same characteristics just because of the way the planets were aligned when they were born, then you're really stupid.

    • no you're the stupid one for calling other people stupid

    • Your stupid for not believing it. Certain times of the years for when you were born does have similar characteristics in people.. So stfu and add your opinion where it is needed.

  • You believe in astrology? Are you kidding?

    Do you have a job? Can you vote? Can you... Procreate?


What Girls Said 2

  • Welcome to the 21st century! 🙋

    Please leave your superstitions and voodoo at the door.💁

  • I'd say it is a coincidence.


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