I need advice from Scorpio Men - Scorpio Men ONLY please - Thanks

What characteristics that you have read about Scorpio men are true about you? As a Scorpio Man, what advice would you give to women on how to treasure you and respect you as a Scorpio Man? Are there any pitfalls that women could avoid with you?


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  • I will in fact tel you the unedited true account of the horrors of Scorpio men. Prepare yourself.

    Scorpio men are entirely delusional. You se, they don't understand the idea that their belief in their date of birth and it's random assignment to a group of stars is their own waxy, desperate, quasi-new age grasp on their tiny little world even though it's obvious that horoscope writers purposely write their "mystical readings" so plainly generic that they literally could apply to most people. This type of behavior also indicates that they may or may not do the following activities:

    -buy products from infomercials

    -become injured or maimed while crossing the street (all those lights and cars are heavily overloading their simple minds)

    -have trouble with products stored with a child proof lock

    -buying "natural" food because it makes them feel better

    -buying into the mainstream American marketing system

    -not maturing out of these problems even after 35 yrs. old

    Generally, one should be careful, these same traits may also apply to Libras, Virgos, hell, anyone who defines themselves by their astrological signs.


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  • Lol silly girl


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  • You should buy The Everything Sex Signs Book. It's amazing and NO it's not generic. All you have to do is skim the pages to find that out. I'm a pisces and it's completely on the spot with me. I've had other people read it and only two things in their WHOLE section was wrong and everything else was RIGHT. Trust me, you should get this. You won't regret it.