Will a guy be overly helpful when he is in to you?

Do guys tend to be overly helpful, even if it is not necessary, just to impress a girl?


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  • Uhh, in total honesty that's a yes when it comes to me.

    I remember how much homework I've done for some girls in high school... LOL.

    • well damn I wish I thought to get guys who liked me to do my homework back then. lol

    • @thewanderingme Haha, trust me. With the right guys, you'd have had your Bachelor's while still a junior in high school... LOL.

      But, at the same time, these were the same girls I saw crying after the exam.

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  • yep. it's sweet isn't it (:


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  • No some guys like me just do nice things for girls cause its the way we were brought up. I dont really expect much in return ever. I just want to not be a stereotypical guy.

  • The guys that constantly go out of there way to help girls or buy them stuff do not have any self confidence or self worth.

    Short story.
    A girl I'm seeing asked me one night if I can go with her to meet her guy friend. Her car was acting up and he was gonna fix it. She wanted me to drive it with her and go meet him to swap vehicles (he was gonna fix her car and give it back to her the next day)
    We swapped vehicles and 2hrs later I stayed the night at her house and we had great sex. While he remains in the friendzone.

    • Amazing bro!

    • If she is your girl why the heck are you not fixing her car? And sex don't mean jack. Yeah she is seeing you now but what about the future? Y'all ain't married and some other guy is fixing her car while you do what?

    • We are dating. She's not my girl (we are not in a relationship).
      I brought up sex because that dude was fixing her car and spending money on her and I was the one in bed with her.
      No idea what the future holds, not worried about it.

  • Different guys may react differently. I might just annoy you to the point you want to cry, just to get your attention. :/

  • Yes.

  • Ya he will do anything just to be around her


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