My girlfriend never compliments me and I always have to make the first move. Is this normal?

My girlfriend and I have been together 10 months. Since we've been dating,

I told her I loved her first.
99.9% of the time if we kiss it's because I've leaned in to do it first.
When we slept together I had to lead us into it.
She rarely compliments me when I compliment her all the time.
Doesn't like any PDA including handholding.
98% of the time I text her first.
She will very often just not reply to my texts for 30+ minutes when we're right in the middle of a convo. She says she didn't get the notification.

It's not like I can say, hey, compliment me more or text me first. And she's REALLY shy. But still, I don't know what to do?


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  • Yes you can say that! You can tell her that you feel unwanted or discouraged or however you feel. This is your girlfriend


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  • compliments is a word that was almost entirely created for the service of women. Just as their is no ceiling to a man's lust for vagina, there is also no ceiling to a woman's narcissism. There's only a set amount of compliments that can be floated around per day, and you better get use to her taking 95% of them. As a guy, you just have to get to use to complimenting yourself. That's why many guys turn into arrogant mongoloids