I feel as if my girlfriend doesn't put me first like I do with her?

I am 16 years old and none of us drive yet. She went on a 2 week trip to the Bahamas and I know she would not cheat. I KNOW SHE WOULDN'T... But I had to bring up seeing her; after she hadn't seen me for 2 weeks, I would have expected her to bring it up. And she set our day to hang out a week later... I feel like I should talk to her about it, but whenever I bring something up to fix it, she says I don't appreciate her and gets upset. I don't know wtf to do...


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  • well I think itz impossible for her to think that you don appreciate her when all your trying to do is spend time with her ( like a good boyfriend should) just mention how much you missed her and how you want to see her asap and if she gets mad at you for that then maybe you should reconsider your relationship because she's definitely not showing her appreciation for you and plus your young no need to strees yourself out over this relationship if it isn't working move on


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