Why does the other woman always hate the wife or girlfriend?

my friend is the other woman, her dumb ass doesn't like the girlfriend for no reason at all, she choose to f*** with a man who is already taken claiming she's in love, he was her first. I think its because she wants what she has. I told her the girlfriend she be in both you and the baby daddy's ass. she won't come to the reality that the guy who is also her baby's daddy will not be one big happy family. I cannot get through to her that he's not gonna settle down with her just because she has his child. she says she knows what she did was wrong and I told her if that was the case she would put herself in the girlfriends shoes. then she flips the script and asks me how would I feel if I were the other woman. and I told her I have to much self respect to allow myself to be put in a f***ed up situation like that. plus why would I want someone to do that to me. she doesn't give a sh*t about how the girlfriend feels. and I tell her to get real with herself he's not gonna leave her and be with you just because you're baby mama, now she's in the same position as the girlfriend was, getting cheated on. that's my friend and all but she's such a dumb ass and being 20 and young isn't an excuse. she's still f***ing with him. it frustrates the sh*t out of me when I talk to her she won't f***ing listen to me or his own sister. I know he's probably talking sh*t to her telling her they're gonna be a family but damn are you that f***ing blind. I guess a hard head makes a soft ass. I'm done explaining myself to an idiot. what do you guys think?


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  • i'm not defending her but it's hard when you really love someone. people are weak and they get blinded. you can't see things or feel things the way other people do. you should stop worrying so much and mind your own business.

    anyway I think the other woman hates the wife or girlfriend because she is jealous that they are the "real one", I don't blame them, never happened to me but I can understand it.

    though when you think about it there isn't anything to be jealous of, they are the bigger fool when the man they are in a "title" with is cheating around

    • Yea I understand that when she brings that up I won't give her advice that's on her.

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  • You can only do so much. Some people just need to learn the hard way.


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