What does it mean when a guy brags about other girls liking him or finding him attractive or how much money he spent on an ex?

So I've been talking to this guy and we are set to have a date today. But he sent me this message after telling me he is going to the gym:

"I'm going to hit the gym today. Going to get all the ladies there all crazy in love with me and my work out skills lol".

I've had other guys tell me this too where they have all these women checking them out.

Then I have another scenario where they say their ex took them for money.

This guy I am seeing today has also told me about his ex girlfriend who he always paid for stuff for. So the one time he wrote her a song and she didn't like it so he bought her a hotel getaway package. He told me how much it was and everything. I don't know why a guy would say this either :S Like I don't care about what he spent on his ex :/

Another guy I talked to in the past told me about how his ex used him for money.

What do you make of this type of behaviour?


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  • To make himself sound more appealing to you.

    • I was kind of thinking that. But it's kind of turning me off of him. Like I don't need to know if other women find him attractive. I already kind of figured that. Telling me is off-putting like he's trying too hard.

    • Yeah i can bet it's a turnoff. He wants to be 'alpha' but a real alpha doesn't need to waste time with pointless chest beating, he knows his value and everyone else does too.

      During the date, give it to him straight and tell him that you like him, but you see right through his bullshit and if he wants a relationship with you, he needs to stop trying so hard.

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  • I met men like this and they weren't any good, they complain about how their exs we're golddigges trying to make you feel bad about it hoping you won't turn out that way...

    • Yea, I'm kind of getting that vibe from him. He has also told me about how his ex girlfriend didn't appreciate him, treated him like crap. And then I said, "yea she sounds a bit materialistic" he snapped back saying she was a good person... :/

    • I don't know maybe he is genuine maybe not... only time will tell...

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