Guy asks for my number and flakes while texting-- why?

This online guy locally asked if he can have my number. I said sure and gave it to him. He texted me that same night and then stopped immediately saying he's tired and going to sleep. I text him the next morning. Didn't hear all day. So I had a friend text him on my phone pretending to be me. He replied immediately. The conversations are great and fun. He writes lengthy ones. Then he stops and flakes on me again. What am I doing wrong? I'm guessing he must have a gf? If so, why go on an online dating site and say you're single and looking for "friends"? I'm keeping it platonic. He flirted with me first as well. Ever since he asked for my number he hasn't gone online the dating website either. Is it something I'm doing that's driving him away and making him disappear? He always messaged me during his work time but now he doesn't after getting my number. This is frustrating.

Nvm he goes online-- I'm guessing he just wanted an ego booster. How annoying


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  • hard to say, but patten indicates you arent' a priority. online in general is flaky as is texting, until there is a physical meeting and connection, it is frustrating on both sides.

    My rule... stop texting as soon as possible and meet or talk. texting is terrible communication because of what you described. But he has your number and could call... so I'd just give him a text that says, lets talk.

    you've been more than receptive, I would have met you by now based upon what you described.

  • Move on. If he really wants you. He will contact you


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