I asked this guy out and he said yes... but is he saying yes just to be nice?

This is the first question i've asked.. so if I'm doing something wrong I apologize in advance!
I've liked the same guy for two years and recently I got the courage to ask him out. Before I asked him out , I told him that I have had a crush on him. He seemed fine with it, so I asked him to go somewhere with me. He said yes right away, although he didn't tell me that he doesn't have a car to get there, I found out myself..

So I went to go confirm it with him days later, and he was displaying avoidance, eventually he came to me and told me he couldn't go. Of course I thought it was because he didn't like me all that much, so I asked him if it was because he didn't like me that way, and he said no.
After this happened, he was acting strange , but still paying attention to me. So I asked him out again, this time telling him we could go to the beach instead since he lived right there, I also told him to give me his number (so we could set it up, because we don't have the chance to see each other in person much anymore.) He, again, said yes and he smiled. I told him to have a good day and he said "you too.." but when I went to get his number, he said he couldn't remember it at the top of his head. He said something else but I didn't hear it.

I really like him, and I feel like he cares about me, but i'm really insecure. I kinda feel like if he didn't like me, he would have already let me know but i'm not sure. I know he isn't always Mr. Nice guy, so I don't know why he would try and spare my feelings.


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  • The forgetting the phone number thing has me worried. Everything else points to him not having much money and/or dating experience. The lack of money and not having a car can really take away a lot of a guy's pride and sense of self-worth to the point he would avoid dating someone for fear of being dumped once she found out he had no money. You might need to reassure him it is ok that he doesn't have a car.


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  • He's not interested and is letting you down easy.