Why did I have an Anxiety Attack seeing an old crush?

I really don't know why I had an Anxiety attack... (A mild one)

But I did.

I saw an old crush on Tinder, A girl that I worked with for a week or so... I liked her a lot, but ended up leaving my job before we talked more...

Two years later, swiping on Tinder I see her...

For some reason I feel very anxious

I felt like I have done nothing to improve my life over two years and am not good enough for her... on top of that I just got rejected by my current crush and this has really hurt me... I am not doing so well at work and have gained 10 lbs.

Should I message my old crush ( She left her Instagram), Should I see if we match? Should I fix my life up ( Deal with my current rejection, do better at work, work out more) and not do anything?

Does this have something to do with my current rejection?

Normally I would have said, well if we match great... if not.. wasn't ment to be... but I am really overthinking this...

I feel terrible right now...


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  • I can understand the anxiety that comes with knowing you have a second chance with someone you used to have a crush on. I've gone through that and at the time I also felt like I hadn't improved enough and needed to take the time to get my life together before trying. But the thing is, you're always gonna be trying to improve yourself- people in general are always trying to improve themselves no matter how happy they are with life. Which is whyyyyy I think you should GO FOR IT! It everyone gets a second chance to talk to an old crush man. If you're lucky enough to get this opportunity don't waste it! I didn't waste my second chance and asked that guy out. It didn't work out between us but I'm glad I reached out anyway.

    • I am really scared to even message her, she is so pretty...

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    • No problem...

      I did it and feel good... :)

      We started a conversation, I implied I liked her... and unfortunately when I did that she didn't even respond...

      Maybe she wasn't all she was chalked up to be, I wasn't too invested and am not thinking about her... so all is well, now I know...

      Thank you :)

    • CONGRATS! You'll find someone else trust me.

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  • Just old fashioned nerves on seeing a girl you like compounded by the fact she is an old crush. What do you do - Go for it. In lottery terminology, if you don't buy a ticket, you can't win jackpot.


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