Guys, why don't you call or text after having sex for the first time?

This is an amazing guy, gentlemanly, humanitarian, caring, loved by pretty much everyone (literally can't walk down his street without someone saying hi to him). Our dates have been great, the first one he already showed that he saw a future with me by mentioning that his mother wants him to marry someone his own religion/race but that he doesn't feel the same way. He also said he feels very comfortable around me and pointed out qualities he likes in me such as "I love that you're not materialistic, it's a very attractive quality". We are in the same field and have a lot in common - we even spent some time on both of the dates studying. The second date we were at his apartment, started cuddling and then had sex. Afterwards he was still totally sweet, we hung out for several hours and studied a bit more and just talked and shared life stories and connected. He said for his own selfish reasons he wished I could stay, but they only have two bedrooms and he has a roommate and his brother was coming from night shift in the morning and would need the other bed. He also said he wanted me to get home safe and didn't want me to stay TOo much longer because it was already 130 am - he works in ems, so he knows the drunk drivers are starting to come out. He said he wasn't kicking me out and wished I could stay, but was worried and couldn't sleep until he knew I was home safe. We made tentative plans to hang out next weekend and he texted me "sweet dreams". He had 3 full days of school following that plus a 48 hr shift after that. And has never been one to answer a text quickly. But now it's been almost a week and I haven't heard from him. he is a good guy so I wouldn't be worried, except that we had sex for the first time and maybe he got all he wanted from me. He is extremely busy so maybe that is the only reason. If he never wanted to see me again he could have kicked me out right after sex and not cared if I got home safe. What do you guys think?


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  • Some guys feel like its just not necessary to get in contact with a girl after sex, I wouldn't worry especially since you mentioned he is a busy person :D

  • Are you texting him and he's not responding? Or are you waiting for him?

    Also, "other bed"? If you have had sex why would you not sleep in the bed with him?

    • There are two beds. One he alternates with his brother and the other is his other roommates. And I texted him once, I think the next day. But it was more of a joke/flirty text, something general that could easily be ignored or forgotten about because it didn't require a specific answer. Almost rhetorical.

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    • Just text him again, let him know you really enjoy spending time with him and want to get together again. If he responds, great! If not, well then maybe he was just using you. =\

    • As a side note, I always contact a woman after we sleep together. But that's more of a "holy crap I found someone willing to have sex with me!" ;-)

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