What's it like to be in a rebound relationship?

Will you please share your rebound story?

After a break-up, when you first jumped into a rebound relationship, what was going through your mind? Did you pick a person you normally wouldn't have dated?

And then what made you realize you didn't want the person anymore? How did you tell them it was over?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I'm really curious! I would love to hear your story.

We were happily together for 5 years, and I know we love each other. But the big obstacle is that we hurt each other BADLY. I know it sounds weird, why would people in love hurt each other? But his, selfish, out of control brother was causing problems.


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  • What was going through your mind - Do anything to forget the girl I love.

    Did you pick a person you normally wouldn't have dated - Yes. Pretty much anyone moderately attractive and into me will do. Some guys pick someone they wouldn't normally go for as a sort of rebellious statement.

    What made you realise you didn't want the person - Deep down I knew I didn't from the start, but basically there comes a point when you realise you're only with the person as a distraction.. as you start to lose feelings for your ex you don't need the distraction as much.

    How did you tell them it was over - It's over. LOL pretty simple really.. but I pulled away a lot before that so they kinda knew before I said anything.

    Rebound relationships are cruel, using someone to help deal with your own emotions and feelings for someone else isn't fair but we all do it.


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  • you rush into sex.

    you throw the love word around after a week like its nothing.

    you say all these thing "omg I found the" then after a couple weeks the relationship fizzles out

  • Used to get over the emotional fall out of the ex, or to make them jealous to get back with them. Sometimes the break up is engineered to get with someone you wanted to have sex with for a while and then get back together...problem is it might happen more oftern every time someone wants to have sex with someone else...


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  • Well I mean you really shouldnt do that because some people just do it to forget there partner and it doesn't work like that...not only are you hurting yourself because you know what's the real reason you really are with that person but your hurting them to... Well you see I felt pretty messed up at the end cause I knew I shouldnt play with peoples feelings like that, but I wanted to feel better, at the end I felt worse because I knew it was wrong so I told him straight out what was going through my mind and why I was with him...why were you in one or just curious?

    • My ex has a rebound and I know with every fiber in my being that she is not his type. She is eveything that he turns him off.

      I want him back, and I'm wondering how long this is going to pan out. If his fear of being alone is strong enough, he might keep her around for awhile. It's been 4 months now.

      I'm the one who left him, but it was because of an argument that got out of hand. Within about a month, he declared this girl as his girlfriend.

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    • Just to be clear: The brother threatened to kill me, not my ex. The brother also threatened to throw my bed out in the street and destroy my car, and he told me to go f*ck myself. I didn't insult, threaten, or curse at him whatsoever.

    • Well tell you the truth you guys pratically broke up because of the brother.you should never let anyone intefere with your relationship. Sometimes in a relationship you have to truly hurt each other and see if you guys will stick by each other, I mean that's love for you. Also it should have been obvious he was going to take his brothers side that's family, whether they are wrong or right you will always take familys side...Well you could just ask him to please talk to you face to face...

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