I made a new friend in college and he is black, he is funny, upbeat, friendly, and built..
His name is Adrian and i had been hanging out with him almost everyday mostly because we match in our hours.
But i had another friend who i was talking to at the same time that i was seeing Adrian.
His name is Nathan and he is Latino Mexican light skin and he is sooo hot like many Latinos in my college.
I've always had a crush on him but he is hesitant and shy. But he finally decided to make me his girl and he really picked the wrong time. He asked me in front of adrian and of course i said YES ! he kisses me and adrian goes NUTTS totally a dumb move one that shows weakness. Because why not walk away with a smile and find a better looking bitch, like c'mon.
Then he goes all racist on him. The thing is that adrian probably thought that me and him were on the works but i absolutely was not.. I have MANY black friends but i dont date blacks because i am not attracted to them. NOT RACIST i love black people and black music..

Do you think i should stop talking to adrian?
I really thought he was nice at 1st, but after all that being racist to bae was not cool. Its not a girls fault who she likes.
Last week i read an article about a black dude saying "how is it possible that girls prefer Hispanics over black?"..
Are you you kidding me?
Hispanics are the 2nd most desired men after whites in America. Its only a preference, besides black woman in my opinion are super hot, u got more than enough! !!


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  • There are so many things wrong with this question. 1) It sounds like you are fetishizing Latino men. 2) Saying that you have black friends and love black music does not exclude you from the possibility of being racist. 3) Saying that you are not attracted to an entire race of men because of their race is rather racist. Especially when they literally come in every shape, size, and color. 4) Why did you have to specify the guy's races at all in the first place?

    But anyway regarding your situation, who cares what he thinks. If he wants to be salty let him be salty.


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