Girl is always very excited to see me?

I've been talking to a girl for the last few weeks and just can't tell if she actually likes me. First off, every time I say something to her, she gets an instant smile and her voice sounds more tender than usual. She always flirts with me and seems to really enjoy my company.

Second, I've asked her out a couple times but she always has legitimate reasons not to go (sisters baby shower). Problem is she never gives me a day that she's free.

Third, I've noticed she holds longer eye contact with more attractive guys. Since eye contact can tell you a lot about someone, it kinda throws me off.

She flirts with me a lot but since she's busy, I can't ever get her to go out with me. Is she just using these reasons (baby shower) to say no or does she actually still want to go out?
Girl is always very excited to see me?
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