Do bisexual pisces girl true to their words?

We are definitely dating going out i even met her parents i ask her regarding our relatioship. And she told me she is not ready for a formal relatioship until 26 she told me to wait for her since she has no experience relatioship with boys only with girls.. right now she told me she want to enjoy being with his girls and friends one thing she told me that she will never date a guy except me.. but now i saw her drinking with a guy.. should i continue to pursue her? are pisces girls true to their words?


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  • I am a bi pisces girl.

    We are the types that are either ALL or nothing at all. She will always be curious about other people because loving openly and sexually is in our nature.
    We can date you and share really intense relationships but unless we say the words 'I love you' and want to meet the parents - we probably aren't interested.

    We can be liars if we feel judged.

    We appreciate independent men.

    If a pisces girl is truly into you - you will be her world. She will somehow change her habits for you but it won't be an easy ride and will take time.
    Usually, going out drinking with a random guy is normal for us but we seem really sweet so guys don't expect us having multiple men on speed dial.
    Unless she is in love then suddenly these men are off her radar for good.
    You haven't asked her to be exclusive.

    If you want a pisces then be STRAIGHTFORWARD.
    Tell her what you want. We like men that take control and have standards.
    Once you have us - we are incredibly loyal romantically and passionate lovers.

    • Oh, most pisces women are bisexual. It won't affect her choosing to date you unless she strictly decided she only wants women.

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