Are non straight teeth deal breaker for girls/women?

I don't have missing teeth or horrible teeth, it's just some of them aren't straight, is that a deal breaker?

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  • It depends on how bad it is. Having perfectly straight teeth usually takes time and money. I had braces for a few years to correct my overbite and a tooth that was way out of place. I do notice people's teeth a lot more now that I went through the braces process, but it's not that big of a deal unless the guy has all his teeth out of place and it looks like he's never seen a dentist before in his whole life. A gap, or some crooked teeth are fine as long as your teeth aren't covered in plaque, rotting, missing, or you have really bad breath. Also PLEASE remember to floss. So many people forget to floss and it's such a turn off to see someone with plaque and old food between their teeth.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, not at all. Braces are pretty easy to get and don't take that long to straighten.

    • Price? And where do you live?

    • I asked just to compare price

    • Canada, Ontario. I know they are not cheap, but I am not a kid either. If I dated someone and was serious about them I would help pay. Braces usually start at $2000, but usually about $5000 to have done.

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  • As long as they're healthy, naturally white and don't really overlap, it's fine.

  • No I love a crooked smile 😛💞

    • Haha really? I think you are joking

    • No seriously, there's this guy who has front teeth overlapping and I think he's the cutest thing. Crooked smile by j cole "we ain't picture perfect but we worth the picture still"

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