Obsessed With a Girl Who Rejected Me?

I am really Obsessed with this girl.

I think about her 24/7, always wondering what she up to, what she is feeling, what she is dealing with and how she feels.

We used to be good friends, and I know so much about her. She is my first love.

I asked her out and she rejected me. I was very hurt and upset.

We stopped talking, but I see her quite often, she drops by my work everyday.

She is really popular, so my friends/coworkers are always talking about what she is up too, laughing and flirting with her... and it really hurts me.

I guess I miss talking and flirting with her, I miss being in love with her, but I can't remain her friend because I get hurt every-time we talk.

So I feel hurt every time I see her, and I constantly think about her life... I just find her life so interesting, I wish I could just be her. I know she hates her life, but I think it's really interesting.

Wondering how much she makes, what she spends her money on, if she pays rent, if her parents cover everything, how she feels about the weekend, what her plans are, If she is dating another guy :( who will be so lucky to have her.

But I think about everything, and I know so much as well, her schedule, her church, her jobs, her friends...

I am just constantly thinking about her, and it really sucks that I am not even in any part of her life and will just fade from her memory ( like Bing Bong)

Any advice?


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  • Therapy. This is not normal or healthy. If you can't afford therapy, look up CBT techniques you can do yourself to work on breaking this unhealthy obsession.


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  • Try to meet other girls mate. be as busy as you can. Or try to travel, go visit a few towns, go visit your parents for a week. only time will heal this , but it will only work if don't hear about her or see her at all. for example , since she drops by your work and all your work friends know her, the first step would be try and get a new job somewhere else !

    • I make a lot of progress when she's not around, then I see her and it wrecks everything.

    • I know what you mean. which is why you should find another job. the less often you will see her, the happier you will be, trust me on that.

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  • If you guys aren't talking she probably doesn't care about you. Hangouts wth your frnds, learn a good hobby and don't sound desperate in front of her. This isn't healthy you need to get your mind off her.

    • That hurts me a lot. She used to think about me and text, now I'm nothing to her :(

  • Wow same happened to me well actually i believe she is below my league but still rejected xD 12 days passed i feel better I nearly forget her.