Why won't my fuck buddy leave me alone?

So, I've been fuck buddies with this guy for over a year now. It turned into me having feelings for him so I told him that I needed to back off. We both agreed we're on two different pages. Bc of this we should stop our arrangement. He won't leave me alone. He says in the future when he's ready for a relationship that i would be the girl he wants in his life. I call that bull crap. He's an attractive, successful guy... with a big "one" and he knows how to use it. I don't understand why he won't just find another fbuddy. He tells me he feels we have a greater connection n i somewhat agree but if a man wants you he tries to spend time with you away from the bedroom n the only time he has tried to do so is when I've mentioned it. Again, bull crap. I just don't understand why he won't stop reaching out to me. I've been bitchy, mean, and honest about the fact that I don't want him bc he can't n doesn't want to give me what I want. He constantly sends the Good morning text, and tries to get together. It leaves me feeling confused.
Why won't my fuck buddy leave me alone?
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