My Crush is Rich - Does He Want a Rich Girl?

So i'm kinda crushing on a guy who seems to show interest in me too.

Yes, I stalked his social media and found that he went to a top notch private school... So I guess his family is rich.
I'm middle class and I live in the suburbs, as oppose to him, upper class and living in the city.

Do you think this will put him off me? Or am I just feeling insecure?


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  • Lol many middle class families actually remortgage to send their kids to good private schools. I wouldn't assume anything from his social media. If he likes you and you like him, just give it a shot and see what happens.

    Either way, the main thing upper class people do care about is that you come from a good stable family rather than the actual amount of money you have. If you can act like a lady and have good values/morals they won't care.


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  • Honestly I've had the exact same kind of crush. And I too felt this way until I realized when I looked back at my best friend, I mean she was rich since her mom was a type of Doctor.. But if she only like people for money, why was I her best friend? Haha I guess even if your rich, you still search for personality and heart. So he should like you for you and not what you have :)

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