Is 30m dating 23f ok? Or is she too young?

So recently I have started to see a woman I dated 2 years ago for a few months. She broke up with me because I wasn't taking her seriously. At the time the age gap was a big deal to me, and I didn't really start to realize how much I loved her until she ended it.

She started dating someone new, and I moved to a new city 4 hours away, and also started dating someone else but I still always thought about her even in my new relationship that I was happy about. Cut to 2 years later, we are both newly single, and I contacted her to hang out when I visited her city. We hung out, and it was like it never ended. We went out, had sex, and now it seems we might try and date each other despite living 4 hours away. It was even better than I remember. She is seriously one of the most beautiful women I have ever been with, at least to me she is basically everything that I look for in a woman physically and personality wise. But she is also 7 years younger than me. I just turned 30 last month, and she is 23.

I personally don't care anymore, but I don't want my family giving me weird looks. She is 2 years younger than my little sister, which is a little weird, but if my sister dated a 30 year old I wouldn't care. She is also very mature for her age, and I am at a point in my life where I would like to find the woman I want to marry, and I think she is also at this point now. She is out of undergrad, getting her masters now, and is currently a preschool teacher, she has her shit more together than most women I know my age. I can tell that she really likes me and I really want to make it work this time.

So do you think she is too young for me? Could this work out? Or do you see some issues with this?
Is 30m dating 23f ok? Or is she too young?
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