Girls, would you be able to date a guy with Fordyce Spots on his lips?

Fordyce spots (google "fordyce lips" to see more) are oil producing sebaceous glands that are associated with hair follicles. In my case, these glands were placed on my lips due to genetics and the oil being produced on my lips created tiny white bumps with no pores to escape through. They are completely normal and not contagious, just pure cosmetic. There is no cure out there because it is not a health issue.

I've had them for 10 years now and I did try to get them treated but it didn't work and made it more noticeable. I believe I have a great personality and I was more confident back then but as I started to get older I get more depressed and self-conscious about these spots thinking no girl would ever want to get close to these lips. I think it would be easy to overlook had you already known the person, but I really do have a hard time approaching women and getting close to them because of how self-conscious I am about these spots.


As you can see, the white spots cover most of my upper lip and some on the bottom. My lips are actually smooth it's just the bumps are visible underneath the skin.


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  • Didn't even notice it. It just look like normal, slightly dry lips (that's the effect the bumps have) but not that big of a deal at all.
    Yo out of curiosity, if the oil builds up do the bumps get bigger? Where does the oil go?

    • I've only had it a few times where the tiny bumps just rise to the surface of my lips and I'm able to squeeze it gently and oil would just release. The lips have no pores and are deep in the skin so getting rid of these suckers would require surgery but there's no doctors out that specialized for this because it's a harmless condition :(

    • Personal opinion, not noticeable at all. Even in the zoomed in pic I was squinting like "what is this guy even talking about". $20 nobody notices it at all except you. Don't feel self conscious about it.

    • I do get a lot of people staring but I guess I'm the one that notices it more and it bugs me. You can see it with better lighting. I had become obsessed with it but now I am working towards not caring anymore and trying be positive. Thank you though.

  • I can barely notice them and they really wouldn't be an issue so try not to stress so much 😆

  • Of course, when you're in love with that person, what ever flaws they have is irrelevant


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