My crush likes my cousin and me?

he likes her and i don't know if she likes him and i love him sooo much they are best friends and are in the same class and hang out without other friends me and him we are friends i told him that i like him and he got happy and he said that he likes me more and more but he likes my cousin just as much as before. me and my crush and to other friends had a sleepover and we cuddled and he rubbed my back kissed me on my forehead and were soo cute and a couple days later me and my crush and on friend saw a movie and then me and my friend went home but he vent to see my cousin and then they post on my story cute pictures of them hugging and smiling and watching movies i'm soooo sad. ask questions if you want more details. i just don't know what to do to get him not to like her and like me more pls help!!


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  • Wait and see who he likes more


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