haven't heard from long distance girlfriend in 5 days, is this bad?

My long distance girlfriend (21) and I (26) have been talking for a few years. She lives in Europe while im in the US and i recently went to see her for the first time about a month ago. We had a great 10 days together and then i came back. Weve been texting pretty regularly talking about what were going to do when i go back to her in the summer and all until this past Saturday. We exchanged our usuall loveydovey have a good day text and that was it. She hasn't sent a text or snapchatted me going on 5 days now. Over the past few days though i have noticed through her snaps that she's been spending time with her friends and family almost every one of the days that we haven't talked. The last couple of times we talked I was the one to initiate it so maybe she's just waiting for me to contact her while enjoying herself instead of worrying about it to death like me? Im just worried because its almost been a week now. What do you all think?


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  • Well definitely don't compare your long distance relationship with anyone else's. I have seen ones with less communication still going while the ones with tons end, and vise versa. How often do you usually communicate? I would message if it was me. Let her know you have been wondering why she had not been contacting much lately, and if everything was okay. I'm pretty straight forward. Until then there really is no way to know.

    • We were texting and sending pics 2-3 times a week until last week i started sending her pics through snapchat everyday for 3 days straight and she would send some pics back and take screenshots of mine. Then Saturday came i said have a great day she sent a bunch of heart emojis back and that was it.

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    • We share the simply things daily with the ones we live with because of natraul conversation while cooking dinner, eating, or relaxing together. They know when your pants leg gets rapped up in the bottom of a shopping cart almost mooning the entire store. It's important to still share those little things. Just get creative and set dates with each other. Eat dinner on the phone together. Get a Bluetooth headset and go to a restaurant and help each other pick food from the menu. Send pics of the food and talk about your day.

    • id love to do those things! its hard for us to converse on the phone I've attempted w times since I've been back. 2 of the times she had an excuse for why she couldnt and the one time we did talk i called her out without asking and we talked for about 7 min. she's always super nervous when we talk on the phone but it might be due to our langauges. she speaks another language but knows English pretty well. im trying to learn her language so we can talk in that and in hopes that shell open up to me more if we converse in her mother tongue.

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  • Hmmmmmm. Not a good a good thing. Least once or twice out of a week. She's definitely busy. With what? I dunno.


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  • and this is why I hate the idea of long distance relationships... it would drive me absolutely mad.

  • yup. It is. you should ask her if there's a problem, don't stop asking until you get a reply from her.


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