Girls, Boyfriend bought another girl a gift, is it okay to be upset?

My boyfriend bought one of his friends (that's a girl) a gift, and he used to have feelings for this girl. She was actually quite rude to me for a while a year ago. We have been dating for 2 years. But anyway, I got really upset because he used to like her and bought her a gift. Now that doesn't sound so bad, but the reason for the gift does. She felt sad and was crying because a boy she liked was rude to her, and what does my boyfriend do? He tries to cheer her up by buying a gift! I mean maybe I'm being irrational, but he's trying to cheer up another broken-hearted girl, and they really aren't super close friends... so it just made me really really sad... I've been going through a bit of depression and have tried to control it, but that really didn't help... what do you think?


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  • Does he buy you gifts? Id be sort of pissed off. If its not her birthday or her cat didn't just die, why does she need a gift?
    Im getting annoyed just thinking about it. You say anything to him about this?

    • Yeh... he said he thought it would just be "a friendly gesture."... you don't buy the girl you say you "used to" like a gift... and I didn't mention that he actually tried to hide it, he said he knew I'd be mad... so then why do it anyway?

    • woow... he obviously still likes her. I'd say he wasn't worth it

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