Girls, Do you like an emotionally expressive guy or an inexpressive one?

Guy A is a good, intelligent guy but emotionally expressive, He is honest with himself and is not afraid of telling his fellow guys how much he cherishes his friendship with them and loves them. When you first meet him, he won't hesitate on telling you how beautiful you are and how interested he is in you. He is light-hearted, laughs all the time and loves life and people and they love him for his authenticity and boldness.

Guy B is the also good and intelligent but inexpressive for his emotions, He wants to look tough and will be ashamed of expressing his love for his fellow guys, maybe he will think it's not "manly". When you first meet him, you won't know if he is interested in you or not. Although he may have feelings for you, but he won't show you that unless you are together. He will play mind games and won't be straightforward with you. He doesn't laugh much, only when necessary.

What is more attractive to you, Guy A or Guy B?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I have someone like Guy B after me. Let's just say it's not working well. Definitely I would go with Guy A

  • My fiance is kinda a mix of both, sometimes he can easily tell what's on his mind and other times I have to drag it out of him or maybe just guess. He also don't really like to laugh


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