What does it mean when a guy calls you a cutie?

Basically, I really like this guy :$

we sort of had a thing back in September, and we still talked after that. We still do , but I'm always all shy around him.

We stopped texting in December, then started again in march.

we stopped again in may. on June 14 he texted me again.

A couple of days later, at 11pm. he texts me; Hey cutie :)

what in the world does that mean? I don't think he's interested in me after everything we've been through though ...


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  • A friend of mine suddenly started calling me cutie a while ago and I was taken aback. Like you, I couldn't decide whether or not he was serious. Weeks later, we are pretty legit dating! I've heard that guys are pretty literal and won't do something/say something unless they mean it.

    I also think calling someone "cutie" is the perfect way to test the waters. He's looking to see how you react and respond to that text. He might be looking for something serious (I got lucky) or he might just be a tad bored and is looking to see what you're upto. You'll need a little more to go on to decide what his intentions are. :)

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