Girl randomly stopped texting me randomly is she upset with me?

Long story short there is a cute girl I met at the salon where my mom worked. She cut my hair and we hit it off. She even told my mom after I left that I was super cool and to tell me to come back. Well next time I went was her last day at that salon, so I got her number. We texted quite a bit, and she even initiated some texts. She even sent me a good morning text, so I figured she was somewhat interested. Anyways I don't really like texting and I don't reply very quickly. I would respond every hour usually and she would take literally less than a minute when texting me. I am also afraid of showing too much interest. Anyways two weeks later I set up plans to get my haircut from her at the new salon she was working at. When I got there she was very nice, and as I sat in the chair she rubbed her arm across my shoulder, and intitiated some touch. In conversation we were talking about dating, and she told me that her parents thinks she needs to find more friends that will take her on dates. Later in the conversation I jokingly said well we are friends right, and she said we better be or I could butcher your hair. Anyways she invites me over to her house afterwards and she drove me there in her truck. She told me some very personal things about her and her family, and when we got there I was able to meet her step dad and her mom and got a grand tour of her house. We hung there for two hours or so, and after she drove me back, she told me that she wanted to hug me, and gave me a really close tight hug that lasted 20 seconds. She told me she would see me soon, and I suggested we do it again. Fast forward I texted her a week later thanking her for the fun time, and I got busy so I told her I would talk to her later. Later ended up being a week later. She is now unresponsive to my texts and has stopped texting me. Maybe she's upset I didn't ask her out officially or is confused by me? She still likes my posts on Instagram though. What would you do in this case?
Girl randomly stopped texting me randomly is she upset with me?
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