My friends with benefits is acting distant- do I double text?

Ok this is a morally questionable situation so I ask you to look at this from an outside view and not to judge me. I have a boyfriend but it's a patchy relationship (he has cheated on me a few times over the years, we somehow got over it) but he's now living abroad in Singapore for work. I was always committed and in love (I know- weird situation) then suddenly I met this guy that I had feelings for instantly that I've never had with anyone since being in a relationship.

long story short, new guy knows about the boyfriend but said he would be quiet and we ended up sleeping together. It kind of inadvertently turned into a friends with benefits situation- we would text everyday (for about 3 months straight now) and have met up 3 times for sex.

our conversations are mainly flirting and nothing too in depth. I feel like I came across keen in the last texts we had as I said things like "i could have stayed all night" (at his, but he had to go for work) and various things about me really liking the sex. His last message was "lol" (short!) and I left it with "so I guess we can maybe meet when you're back?" (He is going on a week away for work abroad). He read it and ignored me and has been online many times since.

I'm in a confused situation right now being 22 and not knowing about what I want to do. Ultimately though I really like this new guy but I do think maybe he just wants friends with benefits that's it. Do I send another text to say hope his business trip goes ok and that's it?
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More background: he would always message to ask if I got home ok. He also said he deserved a back rub "next time" then within like 30 mins after that he ignored me?
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It was only 3 times in 3 months as for a month we were just talking (building up tension) then we went out on a night out. Also the second month we were both away on holidays so could only meet once due to timing.
My friends with benefits is acting distant- do I double text?
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