I didn't reply to his text. He hasn't texted me. What next?

Since hooking up once, I texted him first. We've been texting back and forth since.

But his last few texts bothered me. I can't figure out if he was joking or being serious. His jokes leave me wondering if that's his flirting style or him hinting that he doesn't want to deal with me.

I decided not to text him back. It's been few hours and he hasn't texted me again. Do you think from me not texting him back I got my message across (that I'm confused and a bit angry with his last texts)? Had he been joking, he would have texted me by now to check that things are okay between us? Like if he is still interested, he would text again, even though I didn't reply to his last text?


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  • I usually don't text someone twice in a row. If he texted you and you didn't answer, he did his part in trying to talk. You're the one that ended the conversation.

    Also, sarcasm doesn't transfer well via text. He could just be a sarcastic guy

    • But isn't it also true if the guy wants you (ass, girlfriend, just flirting, etc) he'll eventually make a move again?

      i just don't want to text back again because I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or hintin that he didn't want to flirt no more. and I haven't heard form him since last time...

    • Again, my biggest turn off is a girl who can't hold a conversation and sends texts like "lol" haha" or dumb sh*t like that. Imagine it being an actual conversation, if he says someone and you don't answer, it would be weird if he made another attempt before you saying anything.

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