What's the perfect height for a girl / a guy?


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  • You know what is interesting? I've done poll, metric vs. imperial system. Metric has crushing vicroty, it wasn't really any competition. And I see coments here, and I see only the retarded units being used. So, I'm asking: what the fuck?

  • In American measurememts I am 6'9" so I like my ladies taller than most men would like. 5'8" and taller. My current girlfriend is 6'1" I believe.

    • In other words, the perfect or ideal height is different for everyone. I think I like my women as tall as what most women would say they would want their man to be lol.

  • I love women around the 5'-5'1"-5'2" area. But height isn't that important. It's about the person in the end. ie, it's NEVER a deal breaker

  • Girls: 5'3-5'5
    Guys: - 5'8-5'10

    Cos' nature knows best. Average is average for a reason.

    • How tall are you?

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    • If most men in the world (Or at least western society) are this height, then this means it's right. It means that women find this the most suitable to reproduce with. Not biased at all. Nature works it out for us.

      It is very likely however, that we'll go taller over time. As we already have done, already. Women become more picky (by nature) to improve the species.

      Same with penis size (If you believe in evolution)
      Gorillas or monkeys have a 3 inch penis. Women or females have chosen bigger penises over time, to have kids with, therefore our average now is around 5 inches. The smaller guys have been left to die out, as they weren't good enough to reproduce.

    • It doesn’t exactly work like that, dude. I do agree that we will get taller over time and penis size will increase over time, but it’s not because women “choose” that. It would be one thing if every man in the world lived in a zoo and women got to stroll around and “pick” their partner based on his “stats”, but that wouldn’t be natural selection, that would be a breeding center, that’s how dogs have evolved since the day they became domesticated by man. But natural selection simply states if you are good enough to survive, you are good enough to reproduce. The reason we improve as a species is because the healthiest among our species tend to have the most children, which brings up the averages, but it doesn’t mean those that fall below the average don’t reproduce, just not as early or as often.

  • With all due respect some women are shallow for having height requirements.

    For me there is no such a thing.

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