Guys, what is your ideal height for a girl?

What height would you prefer your girl to be, if you could choose. Usually we want someone within a height range because most of the time an EXACT height won't make or break your interest (I hope) so, this is just hypothetically if you could build a girl lol.

State your height, what the girl's height would be, and the average height for men and women in your country. Are you into taller girls, shorter girls, or someone who's right in the middle.

Please state your height in feet NOT centimeters. girls are free to answer this as well.
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I know most people don't care about a specific height that's why I said an exact height is usually not a factor in someone being interested in you... but most people do care about height, if you were a 5'8 girl would your ideal height for a male be 5'2? If your answer is no then you do care about height. This question is just for fun and it's HYPOTHETICAL, so the lectures aren't needed, consider this a disclaimer.
Guys, what is your ideal height for a girl?
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