What does it mean when a guy ditches you but is always saying how much he wants to hang out with you?

This guy and I started talking online and we agreed we would hang out. We both felt we would have a lot of fun together because of how much in common we have. Well we keep setting times to do something but every time its the day we are supposed to hang out he doesn't text me, nor does he respond to the texts I send. Later when we are online he tells me something happened...and that he's getting frustrated that we can't hang out.

Is this some sick game guys like to play? Its really frustrating me. I make up my mind to forget about him and then he starts talking to me online. As hard as it is I think I need to just ignore him.


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  • If a guy really wants to hang out with you, he would make it happen. Or at least give you a heads up if he can't make it. How many times has he flaked out on you? Once or twice is probably OK but more than that, then you should probably think things over.

    He might also be scared that you might not like him when you two finally meet. Either way, it's wrong for him to lead you on like that then leave you hanging. I know how frustrating that is, making sure you don't have anything planned that day just to see him.

    There are really nice guys online that would be more than happy to meet you. It looks to me like you have given him enough chances. Talk to him still if you want but be more open to other guys who would like to meet you. If you think you can stop chatting with him, then go for it. You don't need someone who plays you like that.

    Best of luck to you!

  • you're the backup plan. he'll make plans with you in case Plan A, B, and C fall through. he's playing games just ignore his ass